Out and About

For those following the news across the globe, things may seem a bit unsteady in the aqsieos, but everything is going according to plan. Hold on to you hats. Just be glad you’re in Pomona where everything is so really really good. I heard that in a resieos weekend we had 4 shooting deaths. They can’t stand how really really good it’s gotten, and getting!!!!

So much has been going on all over Pomona, at least where I’m at. Monday and Tuesday this week they were filming yet another horror movie in the Lincoln Park district. It was some minor scenes for the movie, “2 Bedroom 1 Bath.” Hollywood is right here! And that was pretty exciting to hang out and watch them film.

Down at the last Artwalk

Last Saturday, I walked downtown for the Pomona Artwalk, and of course it was soooo good! I got talking to a couple of people out and about there.

In my perambulations, I talked with someone who is a part of The Palomares Art Group, which is a group of mostly older retired people, but there are other folks too, and they meet every Friday from noon to 4 at the Palomares Park Senior Center. The artists are of all skill levels, and every few weeks they have a critique session to help each other improve. It sounds like a really great group to help one along in their artistic endeavors. Check ‘em out if this might be of interest to you! And they also have a website at: www.palomaresart.com.

Also while out and about, I walked into the record shop Zoinks. It is such a cool shop in the downtown, and full of records! With the individual at the front counter I got chatting about how records really seem to be making a comeback now! (I was out taking pictures with a film camera the other day out in LA and someone said told me that they hardly see those anymore. Well, yes, especially here in Pomona, some of us still enjoy the pleasure of actual film photography.) Okay, back to the records, yes, we had a great conversation and I took a card. Also, check out their website at: www.zoinksrecords.com. They have a large variety of records for you to expand your collection and enjoy once again in your home, the warmth and delight and fullness of sound that no CD or MP3 can ever provide! Records!!!!

The Mayfair Hotel’s Irish restaurant and pub are about to open!

Of other things around Pomona, the other day, I was bicycling around town and stopped on in to the Mayfair Hotel to get an update on all the excitement over there, and I got another tour! The restaurant (on the first floor) and Irish pub (located in the basement), are going to have a soft opening approximately during the week of the 25th-30th of this month, so basically, look for it to open around the end of this month. The grand opening shall be in September.

Interesting things to note: It is an Irish pub, with pool and darts. It’s going to be called “O’Donovan’s.” And the pub is going to have 26 beers on tap and 50 beers by the bottle!!!!

For the building itself, outside of the retail experiences, there are a few apartments still open on the upper floors. They come fully furnished with beds, appliances, etc. (catering to students, but renting to all). And they generally range from $1150-1600. Call for availability if that is something of interest.

And that’s all I’ve seen while out and about on the town in Pomona. Lots to do, and lots coming. (26 beers on tap! –– I’m still a bit blown away at that.)

See ya ‘round Pomona!!!!

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