Beer, Bible, and Syria

Shower Beer

Okay, so I was out gardening yesterday and came in to clean up and a housemate offered me a beer. It was early afternoon and I just wasn’t quite ready to sip on some alcohol and I expressed that. Ze then suggested that I try having a “shower beer,” and that apparently, it’s a thing people do – sip on an ice cold beer while luxuriating in the shower. I took hir offer up and it was pretty dang good. It was an interesting fun experience. The coldness of the beer in contrast to the hot shower was not so striking (maybe due to the warm weather), but more so the taste of the beer on my tongue while showering was quite memorable. Also, drinking beer with a dripping wet face running, with water around the lip of the bottle while I imbibed – that was different.

Freeway Bible Reading

Last week on Thursday, I went to visit a friend in Redlands. That night as we drove back to Pomona to go to the Bible study group I am a part of, we got caught in a really bad traffic backup on the 10. I heard from folks that it was perhaps a truck that had struck a bridge at the Citrus overpass in Fontana. Anyway, as we sat in traffic, I was like, ‘Hey, we’re on our way to Bible study and we’re probably gonna be super late at the pace we’re going – let’s read the Bible!’ I asked my companion in the ride what we might read and they suggested the story of Deborah the prophetess in Judges 4. So we read all of chapters 4 & 5. It is one of those super classic Bible tales that many have heard of – and one of my favorites even more after reading it in this adventure-sieos stopping and going, slowly down the road that night. In the end, Heber’s wife, Jael, with a hammer drives a tent stake through the head of Israel’s enemy Sisera, who is sleeping in Heber and Jael’s tent. I won’t recount the whole tale, but check it out if you get the chance. It’s a really good tale about trusting in God.

Jael and Sisera, by Jacopo Amigoni

Syrian Update

I saw Original Skrip’s report on Syria, particularly the YouTube he posted. Many of you may know of a big report I did on it a while back and I generally agree with a great many perspectives in his post. I remember reading a lot of those news stories with multiple confirmations that it was absolutely not the Syrian government, but that it was the rebels who have been using chemical weapons. And those rebels, it has been shown, are supplied in part by the U.S. government.

Completely illogically, some people in the U.S. government, to rationalize a potential invasion by U.S. troops, have been saying otherwise — against all the evidence.

President Bashar al-Assad, by all reports that I have seen is a good and decent man. If factions within the U.S. government push for invasion and continue to supply the rebel cause, biblically, it appears that such people in such factions may find it worse for themselves than Sisera at the hands of Heber’s wife, Jael (Judges 4):

“So let all thine enemies perish, O LORD.” (Judges 5:31)

Let them repent and turn to truth, and goodness.

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