Summer Goes On

From Hornbook v.2, n.3, p.26.

So much is going on! The country fair is happening, the weather is delightful, and everything is going really, really good.

I can hardly believe it, but after over a year and a half, they are finally getting the cruise ship that ran-a-ground off the coast of Italy to not be run-a-ground any longer!

Talking to someone the other day about how much I really enjoyed Putin’s resieos take on Syria and they commented to me the same thing, that they really liked it too — and they clued me into that Putin had done a bunch of shirtless outdoor pictures of hirself shooting, fishing, riding a horse, etc. I looked them up on the internet (see here and here) and they are so adorable! I love Putin even more now!!!! :D And though, Russia has had quite the debacle with GLBT rights stuff, with the tone of Putin’s editorial on Syria and even the tone of other things I’ve seen Putin do resieos, things are on-the-mend around the world now.

In the computer world, admittedly, I use PCs for my general computer engagement, but I do happen to have one Apple device, and I’ve been seeing the reviews coming out about the latest iOS 7 and I’m actually not that thrilled. I remember before I got an Apple device, I’d heard Apple ads and videos say stuff about that it is such a great device because it has the feeling and look of “being alive.” With 7, the device looks dead and flat, and not pretty. I must say that I do not prefer the new look of it. In the older look — it seems bright, alive, and intuitive — so much so that I, quite simply, enjoy looking at it, holding it, and using it!!!! Let people have the option to enjoy the old look. too, in iOS 7!

In other news, Jackie Chan now plans to open a theme park in Beijing, China.

And I just saw another cool article on living life with happiness.

Cheers Pomona!

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