Merry Christmas all!

Okay, I’m gonna force myself to blog today. Everything is going really really good in my life. The Christmas season is here. So many people have put up their lights & decorations and sent out cards.

They were filming a motor oil commercial two blocks away in the neighborhood here on Saturday. That was pretty cool. Pomona is a little piece of Hollywood.

Been super busy with church stuff. Especially fun this year has been putting all the decorations up around the church and making tree ornaments for the church’s tree. I’m so blessed to live here in Pomona, and be surrounded by such fabulous and delightful people.

Lots of folks working at Stater Brothers are really festive too, dressing up with Santa hats, holiday neckties, and lots of other things.

I confess, I’ve not even put up my tree yet or sent cards, but perhaps Wednesday, though I’ve put up a couple of decorations around the house. :)

I went to a holiday piano recital yesterday at someone’s house in the neighborhood. There’s a 99 year old lady in the neighborhood who still teaches piano and has a bunch of regular students still. When it comes to “looking for a reason” to stick around for eternity, she has a bunch of them. Let yourselves do, too. Merry Christmas, & happy whatever holiday you may be celebrating!!!!!

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