People Theater

Out in the world there’s lots going on, at least that’s what people around me have been complaining about, so I jumped into the news reports.

There’s some sort of stirring in the Ukraine. As reported here in other articles, God is extremely pleased with and gives hir fullest blessings to Vadamir Putin. Putin is doing very good work to bring peace and stability, politically and economically to this globe.

By reading a few articles, it appears that there were protests to try to get Ukraine to join the EU, and those protests were then countered with some anti-protest laws. The situation quickly escalated to some violent confrontations, leading, by some accounts, to the removal of Ukraine’s president and a new president installed. Russia seems to have a key naval base in southeastern Ukraine, and to protect that asset, sent troops in to ensure it. Their securing of the region met with little resistance and no blood was shed.

“Putin reiterated that stance in a telephone call with Merkel on Sunday, the Kremlin said, adding he and Merkel [the German chancellor] agreed that Russia and Germany would continue consultations to seek the “normalization” of the situation.”

Putin is so good!!!!! Let her have every success ze seeks in hir efforts to bring peace and harmony to the region.

Another area of complaint I keep hearing about are events to do with Syria. Apparently there were some talks resieos, to allow for aid workers to bring help (food, medicine, etc.) to parts of the country and to get peace between the rebels and the government. Amidst it all, in one resieos report, it appears now that in some areas of Syria, truces are beginning to happen in the country.

Something else shall be said, God is not pleased with these acts of war and coups. Let all fusieos efforts by rebel groups both in the Ukraine and in Syria be like the slow cooked frog, who finds themselves so comfortable that they make no action, but weaken unto death.

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