Summer Fun

So it’s been quite a few months since I last blogged. I’ve been busy, what can I say. Doing what? Reading comic books, working on a big writing project of my own, building websites (one of the worky things I do), swimming (hey, it’s summer!), indulging in adult beverages, watching movies and TV shows being filmed (b/c Pomona is a filming mecca), flirting, enjoying some great music out these days, going to concerts in Downtown Pomona, and generally living the good life.

Comic Books

Hmmm, of the comic books I’ve read lately, available at your local comic book shop (such as Funny Business on Garey Avenue), check out Weird Love #2 and Earth 2 #25.

Weird Love #2 is a collection of reprints from romance comic books, mostly from the 1950s — but as such, most of the stories have twisted and weird perspectives on love that although such sensibilities are in many instances true still today, the tales have a tendency to twist one to think as one reads it, “This is so messed up!!!!” Tales include a lady who falls in love with an undercover detective, only to find that he didn’t really feel affection so much due to him trying to solve a case. Another is a lonely man and woman who each visit a zoo, and a bear in the zoo trying to set the two of them up by stealing her purse and getting him to rescue the purse to get them to fall in love. Another is one from the 1970s, in which a lady wears trendy short skirts to turn her co-worker on, only to get the co-worker so turned on that he instigates a dress code so that he wouldn’t be so tempted; she eventually moves to a different department, but comes to visit and they fall in love. Plus, many other stories. Anyway, “Weird Love #2” is certainly full of weird and messed up love tales.

Another really good one I just picked up is Earth 2 #25. The title is currently written by the very talented Tom Taylor! The very best thing about this title is that the story is so well written and well paced that it is a major page turner. It doesn’t have the absolutely gorgeous philosophical depth that the Superman series written by J. Michael Straczynski has from several years back, but the struggles of the characters and the pacing of the story keep me anxious to read every page until I’m through. Excellent stuff.

Other Projects

In the writing realm, I’ve been working on writing a big religious text resieos; it’s been consuming for me, but definitely exciting.

In the website realm, I’ve been migrating from using a website platform called WordPress, to building sites for myself and clients using a platform called Drupal. This very blog is actually built on WordPress, which is great for blogging and sites that are more simple in nature. The Drupal platform though is just better and easier to build very, very complex websites. So that’s been lots of fun.

Summer Fun

Yes, I’ve been swimming a lot lately. I’ve got several neighbors around with pools and I’ve been taking advantage of them to enjoy some wet summer fun here in Pomona. Adult beverages lately have been delicious and relaxing. It almost seems like they are constantly filming TV shows, movies, and commercials, here in Pomona and especially here in the Lincoln Park neighborhood and that’s been fun to watch happening at neighbors’ houses, etc.

Summer music is all the rage right now with so many great tunes coming out left and right. And if you hadn’t noticed, Gangnam Style just hit 2 billion views on YouTube the other day. It is a song embodying the philosophies of our age. :) And the same artist, PSY, just put out a new song and video called Hangover. It’s quite fun and catchy and the local to Pomona/Diamond Bar, Snoop Dog is in the video, too! Pomona is an epicenter of popular culture. Hey, and Khia, who is famous for the song My Neck, My Back, just performed last week in downtown Pomona, too!!!! I went to the concert and it was so super cool! I love Pomona!!!!

And that’s the news from my neck of the woods. And even in my blogging a bit less, looking over the Pomona blogosphere, it appears to still be lively and active. Pomona goes on.

See ya ‘round Pomona!

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