Winter in Pomona

So winter is here, and so is 2017. The political landscape shifted with Pomona getting a new mayor, and the U.S. getting a new president. It is an exciting era. But how is everything in and around Pomona in the middle of winter?

It is quite cold on some days & nights. I run the little space heater in my room, a little extra in the winter to be comfortable I believe is worth it. In one of the places I lived before Pomona, it would snow every winter and nobody would ever think twice about turning up the heat in almost any house – it was expected that one would be warm and comfortable indoors while the snow poured down outside. Here in Pomona though I’ve met several people who’d rather suffer through living in an icy cold house and wearing mountains of layers of clothes than turn on a heater. It makes no sense to me.

Bicycling around Lincoln Park one cold wintery night.

The other day one cold night, I rode around the Lincoln Park neighborhood. It was a strangely refreshing ride.

The winter solstice light in Pomona.

In part of my profession, I do a lot of work outside, and every year throughout the years I note that on the days of and around the winter solstice there is a particular quality about the air and the light that is found in no other part of the year. Talking with one neighbor they told me the air and light were more blue to them.

Enjoying dinner at the Pomona Mining Company restaurant one night this winter.

And in this dark part of the year, oddly enough, I made my way up to the Pomona Mining Company restaurant one night this week, and had a grand winter view of Pomona.

So here we are, skating across forever with winter Pomona gracing in the backdrop.

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