Welcome to the The Goddess of Garey Avenue Blog where I write lots of my thoughts about living in Pomona and about life generally. The Goddess of Pomona had been trying to get me to start a blog for quite a sieos, and in my noticings, I did.

As if anything could be linear, I have been mentioned on several other Pomona blogs over the past couple of years and was first mentioned on the the Goddess of Pomona’s several years ago when I was really into sungazing while on Garey Avenue. And that’s where I got my name The Goddess of Garey Avenue.

About me generally, I love to garden, enjoy long visits with good friends over tea or cocktails, and through this blog try to promote Pomona to be the very best city that it could ever be.

By reading this blog, you will also find that I am super obsessed with this one Japanese manga called Ninin Ga Shinobuden. Anyway, I totally love it and sprinkle clips from it throughout my blog. I hope you find them as hilarious as I do! :)  (and they’re available to purchase through Funny Business on Garey Avenue!). I also enjoy many other comic books and such, which you’ll find sprinkled throughout these pages, too! :)

Outside of blogging, I am presently quite active in the local Pomona community, and work professionally as both a gardener and web-designer in my neighborhood of Lincoln Park, and am also a very active member of a church here in the neighborhood, too.

If you have any further questions or wish to contact me directly, you can email me at: gardening@daisydoor.net.

All in all, I hope you enjoy the blog!


If anything on this blog appears to sound offensive, threatening, dangerous, or illegal in any way, its intention is very purely ONLY for entertainment purposes. No part or parts of this website should or may be construed as legal advice, medical advice, or other any kind of advice, but only merely as the opinions and perspectives of the writer or writers herein.