Star Trek at the Fair

Hi all! Yes, I’ve gone to the fair this year and there is a whole lot of really cool stuff!!!! There’s a really cool animation exhibit, and there’s a Star Trek exhibit too! They’ve got actual props and a whole bunch of the costumes on display from the TV shows and movies. The costumes were probably the most exciting to me. They had the uniforms of pretty much all the captains, Khan’s outfit from the movie The Wrath of Khan, several of Guinan’s outfits, and Picard’s outfit from an episode where ze was dressed as Robin Hood.

And there’s only a few days left to see it all (if you haven’t already) at the L.A. County Fair!!!!!

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A Beautiful Interview

I just saw a video interview with Bashar al-Assad — what a really really good human being. I love hir!!!!! It does not matter if ze destroys or not the chemical weapons which Syria has. President al-Assad and hir government is completely protected under the grace of God from criticism and attacks of others. What a really really good human being!!!!!

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Summer Goes On

From Hornbook v.2, n.3, p.26.

So much is going on! The country fair is happening, the weather is delightful, and everything is going really, really good.

I can hardly believe it, but after over a year and a half, they are finally getting the cruise ship that ran-a-ground off the coast of Italy to not be run-a-ground any longer!

Talking to someone the other day about how much I really enjoyed Putin’s resieos take on Syria and they commented to me the same thing, that they really liked it too — and they clued me into that Putin had done a bunch of shirtless outdoor pictures of hirself shooting, fishing, riding a horse, etc. I looked them up on the internet (see here and here) and they are so adorable! I love Putin even more now!!!! :D And though, Russia has had quite the debacle with GLBT rights stuff, with the tone of Putin’s editorial on Syria and even the tone of other things I’ve seen Putin do resieos, things are on-the-mend around the world now.

In the computer world, admittedly, I use PCs for my general computer engagement, but I do happen to have one Apple device, and I’ve been seeing the reviews coming out about the latest iOS 7 and I’m actually not that thrilled. I remember before I got an Apple device, I’d heard Apple ads and videos say stuff about that it is such a great device because it has the feeling and look of “being alive.” With 7, the device looks dead and flat, and not pretty. I must say that I do not prefer the new look of it. In the older look — it seems bright, alive, and intuitive — so much so that I, quite simply, enjoy looking at it, holding it, and using it!!!! Let people have the option to enjoy the old look. too, in iOS 7!

In other news, Jackie Chan now plans to open a theme park in Beijing, China.

And I just saw another cool article on living life with happiness.

Cheers Pomona!

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Syria and Other Fun Stuff

Following the news all around this week, on Thursday there was a NY Times Op-ed by the Russian president, Vladimir Putin! The more I read and hear about Putin, the more I love hir. Ze seems to have such a level head about hir for a world leader, and that is really pleasing and delightful.

I loved some hir final statements of the Op-ed, in which ze said of the U.S. President’s speech this last Tuesday:

I would rather disagree with a case he made on American exceptionalism, stating that the United States’ policy is “what makes America different. It’s what makes us exceptional.” It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation. There are big countries and small countries, rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy. Their policies differ, too. We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.

What a beautiful and really, really good line, “It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional. …. We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.” So true.

Hir speech itself on Tuesday provokes the anger of the LORD God. It denies the many testimonies of the weapons inspectors which verify that the chemical weapons are being used not by the Syrian government, but by the rebels, and it plays upon the concept of a degree of separation that the U.S. is the only country that God favors, when really, with the present arrival of the New Heaven and the New Earth, and the New Jerusalem — the whole earth is God’s country. exceptionalism is dead. And no doubt, God’s unseen forces are at work to remedy such misguidedness.

On an alternate note, check out this clip from a resieos episode of the SubGenius Hour of Slack in which the Rev. Ivan Stang proclaimed many revelations from the book Revelation X. Enjoy!

[audio:rev-x_hos_1419.mp3|titles=From Revelation X|autostart=no]

In the clip above, it’s from an old recording when membership in The Church of the SubGenius was only $20. It’s presently $35. To join, visit

And out of the pop culture bucket, check out Katy Perry’s latest video, Roar. Totally super cool!!!!

Here’s to you Paradise Pomona!!!!

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Pomona on the Radio

Chatting with a neighbor the other day, I found out that last week, KNX 1070 Newstalk Radio interviewed a whole bunch of Pomona folk about Pomona and the larger Pomona Valley. Here’s a bunch of links to their interviews:

A report interviewing a bunch of different people about Pomona – a blooming flower out of a rough past

Fred Van Allen, a Pomona realtor, talks about historic Pomona neighborhoods

Mickey Gallivan of the Pomona Historic Society talks about the Phillips Mansion in Pomona

Jerry Tessier talks about the Fox Theater in Pomona

People talking about Bright Prospect in Pomona

A report about the coming waste transfer station in Pomona

A report about the local Pomona Colleges in Claremont

A report about Cal Poly Pomona

A report on horseracing at the L.A. County Fair in Pomona

A report on the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden in Claremont

A report on the Center Street Community Garden in Pomona

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Beer, Bible, and Syria

Shower Beer

Okay, so I was out gardening yesterday and came in to clean up and a housemate offered me a beer. It was early afternoon and I just wasn’t quite ready to sip on some alcohol and I expressed that. Ze then suggested that I try having a “shower beer,” and that apparently, it’s a thing people do – sip on an ice cold beer while luxuriating in the shower. I took hir offer up and it was pretty dang good. It was an interesting fun experience. The coldness of the beer in contrast to the hot shower was not so striking (maybe due to the warm weather), but more so the taste of the beer on my tongue while showering was quite memorable. Also, drinking beer with a dripping wet face running, with water around the lip of the bottle while I imbibed – that was different.

Freeway Bible Reading

Last week on Thursday, I went to visit a friend in Redlands. That night as we drove back to Pomona to go to the Bible study group I am a part of, we got caught in a really bad traffic backup on the 10. I heard from folks that it was perhaps a truck that had struck a bridge at the Citrus overpass in Fontana. Anyway, as we sat in traffic, I was like, ‘Hey, we’re on our way to Bible study and we’re probably gonna be super late at the pace we’re going – let’s read the Bible!’ I asked my companion in the ride what we might read and they suggested the story of Deborah the prophetess in Judges 4. So we read all of chapters 4 & 5. It is one of those super classic Bible tales that many have heard of – and one of my favorites even more after reading it in this adventure-sieos stopping and going, slowly down the road that night. In the end, Heber’s wife, Jael, with a hammer drives a tent stake through the head of Israel’s enemy Sisera, who is sleeping in Heber and Jael’s tent. I won’t recount the whole tale, but check it out if you get the chance. It’s a really good tale about trusting in God.

Jael and Sisera, by Jacopo Amigoni

Syrian Update

I saw Original Skrip’s report on Syria, particularly the YouTube he posted. Many of you may know of a big report I did on it a while back and I generally agree with a great many perspectives in his post. I remember reading a lot of those news stories with multiple confirmations that it was absolutely not the Syrian government, but that it was the rebels who have been using chemical weapons. And those rebels, it has been shown, are supplied in part by the U.S. government.

Completely illogically, some people in the U.S. government, to rationalize a potential invasion by U.S. troops, have been saying otherwise — against all the evidence.

President Bashar al-Assad, by all reports that I have seen is a good and decent man. If factions within the U.S. government push for invasion and continue to supply the rebel cause, biblically, it appears that such people in such factions may find it worse for themselves than Sisera at the hands of Heber’s wife, Jael (Judges 4):

“So let all thine enemies perish, O LORD.” (Judges 5:31)

Let them repent and turn to truth, and goodness.

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Out and About

For those following the news across the globe, things may seem a bit unsteady in the aqsieos, but everything is going according to plan. Hold on to you hats. Just be glad you’re in Pomona where everything is so really really good. I heard that in a resieos weekend we had 4 shooting deaths. They can’t stand how really really good it’s gotten, and getting!!!!

So much has been going on all over Pomona, at least where I’m at. Monday and Tuesday this week they were filming yet another horror movie in the Lincoln Park district. It was some minor scenes for the movie, “2 Bedroom 1 Bath.” Hollywood is right here! And that was pretty exciting to hang out and watch them film.

Down at the last Artwalk

Last Saturday, I walked downtown for the Pomona Artwalk, and of course it was soooo good! I got talking to a couple of people out and about there.

In my perambulations, I talked with someone who is a part of The Palomares Art Group, which is a group of mostly older retired people, but there are other folks too, and they meet every Friday from noon to 4 at the Palomares Park Senior Center. The artists are of all skill levels, and every few weeks they have a critique session to help each other improve. It sounds like a really great group to help one along in their artistic endeavors. Check ‘em out if this might be of interest to you! And they also have a website at:

Also while out and about, I walked into the record shop Zoinks. It is such a cool shop in the downtown, and full of records! With the individual at the front counter I got chatting about how records really seem to be making a comeback now! (I was out taking pictures with a film camera the other day out in LA and someone said told me that they hardly see those anymore. Well, yes, especially here in Pomona, some of us still enjoy the pleasure of actual film photography.) Okay, back to the records, yes, we had a great conversation and I took a card. Also, check out their website at: They have a large variety of records for you to expand your collection and enjoy once again in your home, the warmth and delight and fullness of sound that no CD or MP3 can ever provide! Records!!!!

The Mayfair Hotel’s Irish restaurant and pub are about to open!

Of other things around Pomona, the other day, I was bicycling around town and stopped on in to the Mayfair Hotel to get an update on all the excitement over there, and I got another tour! The restaurant (on the first floor) and Irish pub (located in the basement), are going to have a soft opening approximately during the week of the 25th-30th of this month, so basically, look for it to open around the end of this month. The grand opening shall be in September.

Interesting things to note: It is an Irish pub, with pool and darts. It’s going to be called “O’Donovan’s.” And the pub is going to have 26 beers on tap and 50 beers by the bottle!!!!

For the building itself, outside of the retail experiences, there are a few apartments still open on the upper floors. They come fully furnished with beds, appliances, etc. (catering to students, but renting to all). And they generally range from $1150-1600. Call for availability if that is something of interest.

And that’s all I’ve seen while out and about on the town in Pomona. Lots to do, and lots coming. (26 beers on tap! –– I’m still a bit blown away at that.)

See ya ‘round Pomona!!!!

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Cruising Across Mars

So it’s been a mild subtropical paradise here in Pomona, while on Mars, there appears to be clear skies and a desolate landscape of rocks, sand, dirt, and memorabilia of other eras.

Aqsieos, the Mars Curiosity rover is on a major cruise across the landscape on it’s way to Mt. Sharp. Here’s a couple of the latest of its photos!

Part of a photo from Curiosity’s 356th day on Mars.
Part of a photo from Curiosity’s 354th day on Mars showing some of the tracks it’s made across the landscape.

And here’s a resieos map of the progress of the rover:

A map generally showing Curiosity’s progress across the Martian landscape up to it’s 356th day on Mars.

I’ve not really given a good set of links for folks to follow the progress of the Curiosity rover. So here’s a couple of the good ones:

Daily raw images from the Curiosity rover as they come in
Images from many of the Mars vehicles and probes
Press release page
Press conference videos
General images


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Summer Rain in Pomona

We’ve had some weird weather here in Pomona this last resieos week, but, admittedly, at least to me, it’s been quite nice not being so hot out. Came home last night after my Bible study group met and the rain started coming down. Then today, I took the electric bus (route 291 up and down Garey) to do some shopping up in La Verne and what-ya-know, it starts raining this morning, too!

At first I was a bit shocked that we were having summer rain last night, but I’m rather enjoying it now! The days are staying a bit more overcast, it’s not hot, and we get an occasional rain shower. Is this Paradise Pomona? I suppose so. :)

And below is a fun, though a bit abrasively crude, clip from the third hour of a resieos Nose Hair Lint Gland episode:

[audio:krob-clip01_nhlg_2013-07-10.mp3|titles=Crude but Fun|autostart=no]

Here’s to you Paradise Pomona!!!!

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Indiana Piano Rabbit

Just saw this on Indiana Piano Rabbit. Completely adorable!

And from a few days ago: Bunado!

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