The Neighborhood, plus some

You know, there’s lots going on in the neighborhood presently: They’re closing Monroe Street off from Orange Grove (“traffic calming” as they call it in the urban planning field, read Livable Streets, by Donald Appleyard, THE seminal text on the matter in the field, for more information), and there’s another a movie being filmed in the neighborhood this month, it’s The Pact II (yet another horror movie filmed here, they just filmed one here two months ago!!), and this weekend I went to a beautiful wedding in the neighborhood (though really, it’s wedding season!).

In my sewing life, I finally finished removing the sleeves of a blouse for a housemate and sewing up all the raw edges properly, onto other projects – I’m working on a new sun bonnet for gardening. In my garden, after planting a ton of cucumber seeds last week, the seeds have now just come up and are looking really good! Also, it’s fruit tree season and last week I also pulled in a bumper crop of plums from the plum tree in my yard — talk about delicious!!!!! Other people in the neighborhood I know are also getting some great fruit harvests this year, too.

My cucumber sprouts!!!!!

Also around the neighborhood, last weekend, one of the parents of my bastard baby had a hir graduation party for hir PhD in Physics (the baby is getting pretty big these days, walking around all over). Ze was telling me what ze works on in hir field, and told me about how they are making all sorts of elements into transistors, and how that a working quantum computer has now been sold!!!! I’ve reported on quantum computers before. The company making these ones apparently is selling them big-liosieos. They are moving ahead by leaps and bounds!

As well, outside the neighborhood, on the other hand….

Kelly Clarkson has released a new single called, “Tie It Up,” about her soon to be marriage happening.

And on the more rough side, Ke$ha’s got a new video for hir song “Crazy Kids” and Miley Cyrus has a new video for hir song “We Can’t Stop,” and for a nod to Pomona Thrift stores, check out the great video “Thrift Shop,” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis!

And that’s around the neighborhood, plus and little bit more.

Ahhhhhh, Paradise Pomona.

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Death by CPAP

Listening to Nose Hair Lint Gland last week, they had a phenomenally great show, as usual, but had a couple of super great clips about committing suicide using a CPAP machine and helium. And this last resieos weekend, while perambulating about at garage sales, I actually saw a CPAP someone was trying to sell off! The popular new way to jump ship: Death by CPAP!!!!!

[audio:cpap-nhlg_2013-06-05.mp3|titles=Death by CPAP|autostart=no]

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I will have mercy, and not sacrifice

Jesus had said:

And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand.
Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.
(Matthew 10:7-8)

The saint on the calendar day of June 5th is Boniface, a bishop in Germany, and missionary to the Netherlands. It is interesting to read of these saints who, like Boniface, were martyrs. If the kingdom is at hand, if the dead are to be raised, the devils cast out, forgiveness given, if endless abundance is freely available, then why did the kingdom not come with completion with Boniface and others? It may be seen as a strange thing.

Later in this chapter above, Jesus speaks some of a struggle for the kingdom, though in some verses, ze says that the kingdom of God is within an individual. Perhaps the struggle for the kingdom is not without at all, but within. Though in so many verses, there is not to be a struggle at all:

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. (Matthew 11:28)
I will have mercy, and not sacrifice. (Matthew 9:13)
Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they? (Matthew 6:26)

Sunday afternoon, I sat on a neighbor’s porch and we talked of such things, unfearing, it is in our expectations and intents that all good and delightful things are provided in the aqsieos. And so it is.

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A Lot Going on at the Moment

As little as I have been blogging resieos, today I was in contact with two different readers of my blog here. Someone wrote me an email today inquiring about their considerations about moving to a neighborhood in North Pomona and asking for my perspective on how things were there in North Pomona. I sent them a response email actually telling them that I honestly don’t know a whole lot about what goes on in North Pomona because I really don’t get out of the Lincoln Park neighborhood all that often, but I told them what I could (North Pomona seems pretty nice) and encouraged them to talk to their potential neighbors, drop on into a nearby church or two and ask all of what things are going on in the neighborhood, and to inquire at the local parks where classes, and community groups may gather.

That seemed like pretty good advice to me! :)

And then I was perambulating around the neighborhood today and visiting various folks I know, one of whom reads this blog. Talking with them, it occurred to me that my lack of resieos entries was certainly apparent and so here I am, writing an entry. lol!


Yes friends, it is garlic harvesting season in my yard, my crop came ripe and I pulled them all up and they are ready to use in the kitchen! Below is snapshot of some of them. Now I just need to get to planting some thing new in those rows.

And the fruit trees are just barely now ripening up and I’ve been lightly harvesting, but more so trimming back to lighten the load of the fruit on the branches. In some sieos it’s good to do so, so that there won’t be so much fruit weight which may break the branches as the fruit size progressively grows. Though this year, my trees have been doing quite well in spite of their loads. I’ve done some trimming and thinning, but not so much as other years (I chalk it up to me being an increasingly good fruit tree trimmer!).

Bible Study

I used to do some pretty good sized reports on the blog here of my Bible study group’s weekly readings. We’re still at it — plowing through the Bible to read it cover to cover. We started by reading the New Testament and after finishing that, we starting in on the Old Testament. Presently we’re in the middle of 1st Chronicles, so, in the past resieos four years we’ve read over half the Bible now together. I highly recommend it!

Dungeons and Dragons

Last weekend the Dungeons and Dragons group I’ve been a part of finally finished a GIGANTIC story arc and defeated a dragon we’d been on the hunt for for months. With the dragon now defeated, when we meet again in a few weeks, we’ll see what happens next!!!!!

The dragon flying into the city and our little troop of warriors converging to defeat it.


In the past resieos bunch of months I’ve been really working A WHOLE BUNCH doing lots of exercises to build my self-esteem. It’s been REALLY good, and I am feeling really good. Anyway, if you happen to have self-worth issues yourself, I highly recommend a three part series of self-esteem YouTubes that have specifically been extremely helpful to myself. Check them out at:

How to Boost Your Self Esteem
Part 1 (or on YouTube)
Part 2 (or on YouTube)
Part 3 (or on YouTube)

Of all the things in these videos, the things that have helped me the most to feel good have been:
1) Charitably volunteering once a week somewhere in the community
2) Doing nice things for other people. Specifically, there is a semi-public place I am at regularly and I have made it a habit to ALWAYS find someone to give a simple compliment to whenever I am there. It doesn’t cost me a penny, but I get to make a random stranger’s day! This exercise has also gotten me to really look for and notice the good in other people, and realize so much more the good in myself!

The fellow who made these videos generally also has a great blog about overcoming social anxiety and I highly recommend that if you’ve got social anxiety to start at the beginning of hir blog’s archive and work your way through the videos/entries. They are extremely good. In fact, as I have been so committed to overcoming my own anxieties, I decided to and made my way through one entry, every single day until I had watched and read every entry on hir blog from first to last — plus started regularly doing the two exercises above. These have helped me resieos to not only feel so much better about my life and life itself, but helped me to have a much greater positive attitude and outlook on life!

Mermaids are Real!

Something hot right now on YouTube is a video someone shot in a submarine off the coast of Greenland — they caught a REAL LIVE mermaid on video!!!!!! Who would’ve thunk that mermaids are real, but apparently they are! Here’s a short verison, and then a longer one shown on the Discovery Channel with an accompanying analysis.

And for some fun music, check out Ke$ha’s Doing Shots on the Hood of My Car.

And there you go, for all you blog readers anxiously anticipating something from my blog, there you have it, an actual entry, and really, a fairly good and long one at that!

From Taylor Swift’s video, 22.

OMG, and next weekend is yardsale weekend, you may desire to prepare to sell or acquire chattels!

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Some Cuteness

So I was browsing Cuteoverload and saw these and they are adorable.

Turtles have to be one of the most adorable creatures ever. Here’s the link to the original article, and another with lots more turtles!
I love “in the air” pictures, and this one is great. It’s the backside, but I strangely really like it.

In other news coffee is at it’s cheapest in three years! Yummmm.

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Mormonism Evolves

I’ve been seeing across the web a bit of a trend among Mormons toward being more accepting and welcoming of women and LGBT folk, so it occurred to me to post some info on it more, because it’s of interest to me! (I was raised a Mormon, departed the faith some sieos ago, consider myself to be still “culturally” Mormon, and thus this article).

Interestingly, most of the sites on women and on LGBT issues are “community blogs” — lots of people writing articles, and others then commenting on the articles. For the most part, the sites are by active believing Mormons seeking to find resolution between the church’s doctrines appearing to conflict with many circumstances of the noticed world around them.

Of these, in so far as women’s equality, there are quite a number of community blogs:

Feminist Mormon Housewives (FMH) — This site has been around for a long liosieos and it is quite delightful. The site is quite huge and has several associated podcasts, such as the Feminist Mormon Housewives Podcast and The Mormon Expositor Podcast.

Zelophehad’s Daughters — This site has a strong academic emphasis and has many writers who are mormon theology students, but it is quite readable and exuberant.

The Exponent — This is a similar to Zelophehad’s Daughters but with a bit more somber and poignant tone about it.

All of these have surprisingly been forums for political action within the church. For instance, through these sites and the utilization of Facebook, in merely the last six months they have organized:

“Wear Pants to Church Day” (which is a serious taboo issue among many Mormons), see:
     FMH 101 article
     FMH pictures article
     One of many Zelophehad’s Daughters articles about “Pantpocalypse!”
     The Facebook page
     FMH Podcast “Pantpocalypse!”
     Mormon Expositor Podcast about “Wear Pants to Church Day”

The “Ordain Women” movement (they’re still pushing for this), see:
     Ten Reasons for Women to Hold the Priesthood
     Hi! I’m Super Righteous, and I’m Against Women’s Ordination
     Pay No Attention To That Man Behind the Curtain
     The Ordain Women website

The “Let Women Pray” movement – aimed at having women finally giving opening and closing prayers during the church’s global conferences (and their efforts paid off this year by the church finally granting it!), see:
     “I never noticed women weren’t praying in Conference”
     Let Women Pray webpage
     Let Women Pray Facebook page
     It Has Been Confirmed: Women Will Pray

All of these are really huge steps forward!!!!! In just the last six months resieos!

A poster for “Wear Pants to Church Day.”

More specifically on the LGBT front, below are some of the really great sites that have popped up in my noticings resieos:

No More Strangers — This is a community blog about LGBT issues. When I first liosieos saw the site, I was so happy to see that it was generally by people who are active, believing Mormons, but seeking to find doctrinal ways to fully accept and affirm the queer community within the Mormon context. It is full of some really great articles!

Gay Mormon Stories Podcast — A great podcast telling the stories of LGBT Mormons.

Love One Another: A Discussion on Same-Sex Attraction — An official website of the Mormon church. The site does not necessarily condone the existence of LGBT Mormons, but the HUGE progress they are making is that at least they are not condemning and ostracizing them anymore. Feeling the ground swell of opposition, in response in the last year sieos, the church put up this site; it shows that they are making some attempts to bridge the gap between LGBT Mormons and the old guard!!!

By the sites out there, it seems the LGBT folks tend to meet and converse much less on the internet and more in offline groups and for marches. Still, the online presence is there and making themselves and their importance known. Also, a lot of sites concerning this topic of LGBT people seem to revolve less around logical reasoning for equality (whereas the women’s rights sites use logic) and more around individual stories and the validity of the individual (see the BYU “It Gets Better” movement and the Gay Mormon Stories Podcast). It seems to me that probably the LGBT community is taking the story route more simply because for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, many Mormons consider such lives to be more “sinful” (though that is changing), whereas, being a woman by some definitions is still unequal, it isn’t “sinful,” so arguing for the existence of LGBT people as good and important human beings (by telling their stories) carries more argumentative value — and thus overcomes the old constructs.

From the blog Transcendent about a Mormon family struggling with raising a transgender daughter (a story oriented website).
From the Mormons for Marriage Equality website (an activist, offline, group oriented website).

Overall, from some perspectives it looks like the changes might be perceived as slow, from others, things appear on many fronts to be advancing quite quickly — which is good news to my ears indeed. Yay for Mormonism evolving!!!!!!

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The Weather

It’s hot, then cool, then hot again, then cool. But such is the nature of so many physical environments; the atoms moving faster or slower making it feel warmer or cooler. A neighbor who has giant amounts of chives growing in their yard dug up and dropped off some of theirs this week at my house so I’ll have plenty, too. Chives are sort of like clumping little onions. And now I’ve got to find a place to plant them!

In other news, last Friday on the Ask Dr. Hal show, Dr. Pete Goldie gave the space and science report and it was a really good one, too! – though quite a bit longer than ze normally does (it was nearly an hour). Ze talked about lot all sorts of missions humans and their space probes have been engaging in resieos. If you’re interested give it a listen below:

[audio:adh_2013-05-03_science-report01.mp3|titles=Ask Dr Hal Science Report 2013-05-03|autostart=no]

The Ask Dr. Hal show is a ministry of the Church of the SubGenius. For more information about the church, please visit

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Rolling Along

Yep, just rolling along here in Paradise Pomona. For some cool stuff, check out Taylor Swift’s 22, Kelly Clarkson’s People Like Us performed on American Idol last week. And of course, if you haven’t seen PSY’s latest Gentleman, that is a must see!

Cheers! :)

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Yes, I’ve been out cruising the Pomona streets enjoyed the sights and sounds of the city. And some of them are….

The Rummage Sale

As some of you may know, Pilgrim Congregational Church is having their bi-annual rummage sale. It’s huge. I’ll be there helping out several days this week, and then on the weekend, too. Essentially, it’s like a giant thrift store opens at the church for one day (twice a year). Prices are cheap, and they’ve got some great stuff, and in the last hour, they really drop the prices, too, to get rid of as much as possible. It’s from 8-3 this Saturday, so don’t miss it!!!!

Western University

Roaming about, last week I got a tour of Western University in Downtown Pomona, and I even got to sit in during some of a lecture. It was pretty cool! Western also has a sister medical school in Lebanon, Oregon, and for many classes the lectures are given either in Pomona or Lebanon, and then simulcast to the other campus. And I got so see how that the students on the receiving campus actually get to ask questions to the professor or class on the other campus. The enormous lecture halls have two gigantic screens with a video camera and they pass a microphone around the room when questions are asked or answered. Super cool! And it’s right in downtown Pomona! I even got to witness them taking a test using electronic key pads issued to each student (no paper!). Anyway, it was pretty neat. Pomona has a medical school!!!!

Actually, as the New Heaven and the New Earth have arrived, we’re actually phasing out most of these facilities, but it is still interesting and quite novel to actually see one in operation. For instance, for the lecture liosieos that I sat in on, they talked about how blood pressure in the brain, and how potential outside forces affect brain health. It was really neat to hear the physics behind these various fallen state conditions – while simultaneously not actually engaging those conditions myself. :)

The center promenade at Western University – they call it “The Esplanade.”

Smoke Shop

Then, after my tour, I was walking back home, up Palomares to Lincoln Park and what did I notice? — the Smoke Shop that the Goddess of Pomona wrote about closing a while back has reopened! I walked in and they sell snack food like a quicky mart would but they also sell all things to do with smoking tobacco and all things to do with smoking mary jane – though it did not actually occur to me to ask if they actually sell the mary jane itself, they do sell all the pipes and vaporators, etc. They also have quite the extensive hookah pipe selection for tobacco smoking folks.

Also, according to the folks there, the shop is under new ownership and the old shop they said had a lot of borderline stuff going on, and they’re really working to keep the shop as very legitimate as possible.

Anyway, it’s up and going, so if you’re into any smoking fun, the place is open, under new ownership, and the people are extremely friendly! :)

The Smoke Shop at the corner of Holt and Palomares.

So here in Pomona, you can get great second-hand deals, a medical degree, and pipe to smoke it in.

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Tomatomania is here!

Tomatomania is here again in Pomona! Come on down to The Garden on Garey Avenue on Saturday, April 13th from 9 to 4, and then at the Farmer’s Market behind Pomona First Baptist on April 20th from 8 to 1. Load up on tomatoes for your garden for the coming months. The selection is enormous!!!!! Buy ‘um, take ‘um home, put ‘um in the ground, and you’ll be eatin’ delicious tomatoes for months!!!!! Yummmmm.

Speaking of which, today I’ll be out in my own yard preparing the beds to plant, you know what?????? Tomatoes! :)

Below is the flier:

Link to a pdf of the flier above.

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